Oedipus lines

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Online text of Oedipus Rex. (your worksheet questions correspond to this text)

1- What advice does the chorus give Jocasta when she inquires about the details of the argument between her husband and brother?

2- Does Jocasta follow the advice?

3- Do you find anything unusual about Jocasta’s initial reaction when Oedipus reveals the accusation against him? Why or why not?

4- What is Jocasta’s opinion of soothsayers? On what does she base this opinion?

5- What details that Jocasta reveals of Laius’ death trouble Oedipus?

6- After questioning Jocasta about the details of Laius’ death, what does Oedipus suspect? Why is this a significant moment in the play?

7- What happened to the servant who survived the attack on Laius?

8- What does Oedipus relate about his past to explain his fears?

9- Why did Oedipus kill the men at the crossroads?

10- What character trait does Oedipus’s killing of Laius reinforce?

11- What is similar about why Laius attempted to kill his child, and why Oedipus fled Corinth? What does each action tell you about his belief in fate or free will?

12- How has Oedipus cursed himself? What does he prefer to this doom?

13- How will Oedipus determine if he was the man who killed Laius?

14- What acts of hubris do Oedipus and Jocasta commit?

15- What concerns does the Chorus have about the current states of religious belief?


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