Nutrition questions

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75-100 words each question please 


1)  Chapter 9—- Why do you think the US has become more obese over the years? Why are people with lower income statistically more obese than the rest of the country? Is society to blame? Why or why not?

2.      2)  Week 4 Electronic Reserve Meeting—- What are your thoughts about eating late and weight gain?

3.      3)  ASAP Science— Why is slow weight loss better than rapid weight loss? Please explain.

4.      4)  Slow and Steady Wins the Race—- What recommendations would you make in terms of nutrition, to a friend or family member who would like to lose weight the “healthy” way?

5.      5)   You Are What You Eat—– Losing weight properly is essential for overall health. What would you suggest as a typical meal for weight loss? What does it look like?

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