NURS 320 Southwest Minnesota State University End of Life Care Video Discussion

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1) Initiate a discussion of one of the video combinations (the videos are linked into Module 10), adhering to the rubric found in Appendix D of the syllabus by the due date

2) Then post two substantive additions by the due date, adhering to the grading rubric in Appendix D – Note: Substantive additions must be made to the two combinations that you did not address in your initial post

Most of the videos are less than seven minutes long – one is an hour long (but I think worth your time).  Please remember that the art of nursing is critically important in chronic illness and end of life situations.  Mindful presence, skilled listening, empathetic response and more are so important in all of nursing!  

Several of the videos feature Dr. Atul Gwande, a prominent neurosurgeon whose perspective on death and dying changed when his own father was diagnosed with cancer.  Dr. Gwande’s  work has been very well received and recognized over the last few years.  When you have a bit of free time (maybe between semesters), I strongly recommend reading his book titled Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End – well worth your time!

Be sure to review the grading rubric (Appendix D) carefully. Note that many points are attached to relevance for nursing practice.  In other words, what can/should nurses do in light of the message of the video? How can nurses make a difference while caring for individuals and families?

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