Nee help doing a 10-20 powerpoint slide today

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Power point slide: Faults in and around the Houston Texas area.  Must be no less then 10 slides and no more then 20 slides.  i need this today so that i can save it to my email and print it out. my teacher do not want it sent to him he just wants us to print it. it needs to be formated so that it can be printed out at school from a computer.  If you are unable to do it today for my priece please do not respond. You only have 7 hours to do it 

Project: Houston’s Faults.

Students will carry out Internet research on faults in and around Houston Texas. Your research should look at the following aspects related to faults.

· The origin of faults in the Houston area

· The distribution of faults in the area

· The type of faults (normal, reverse, strike slip etc.)

· How the faults impact city planning (location of airports, major highways, stadiums, city center, sewage lines etc. in relation to the major faults)

· Faults and earthquakes

· As a geoscience student, how can your knowledge of the origin, distribution and types of fault be useful to city planners?

Students will present this information in the form of a power point slide. Your power point should include all relevant information including sketches, photos, maps and should have a reference section.

EXAMPLE ON HOW YOU CAN FORMAT YOUR PRESENTATION: you will create a slide show then print it out and turn it in a black folder. You do not need to send it to me via email

1st slide Intro: What are faults? (types of faults; normal, reverse, strike slip etc)

*have figures but let them stand alone (meaning the should be on there on slide)

2nd slide Faults in Houston Texas

Origin of faults (what cause them)

Distribution (include a map of where faults are located) remember figures must stand alone)

3rd slide faults in city planning. (Stadiums, airports, major roads etc) how it affects it

Think: Hobby airport has a fault, roads have faults, city center, why are sewers where faults are, why do Houston Texas have faults but no earthquakes

POWER POINT SLIDE DUE APRIL 27TH THRUSDAY AS SOON AS YOU WALKING INTO CLASS.. Slides must be between 10 and 20 slides. *no less than 10 and nor more then 20

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