My question is in three parts (please see the description)

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I need to the following by:
02 SEPT 2017 BY 10:00 PM EST.


I need a 2-3-page paper that considers the cultural,
financial, legal, and political aspects of doing business in South Korea, as
well as the potential size and stability of the country’s market to answer the
next three questions.

1. What are the positive aspects of South Korea that
would make it an attractive market for an American corporation?

2. What are the negative aspects of your country that
would make it an unattractive market for an American corporation? Consider all
of the main factors that you researched regarding your country for Modules 1-3
plus additional research for Module 4 on market potential.

3. Overall, what is your recommendation for the American
company that hired you to write this report? Do the positives outweigh the
negatives? Or vice versa? Explain your reasoning.


Cornelis A. Kees de Kluyver’ guidelines
on country selection ,…

Michigan State University’s Market Potential Index,

Two additional relevant sources dated between 2014 and


1. DUE: 02 SEPT 2017 BY 10:00 PM EST.

2. PAPER LENGTH: 3 PAGES. Write what you need to
write, neither more nor less.

3. FORMAT: Standard APA Format.

4. MAKE SURE TO USE THE LISTED REFERENCES. Make sure additional sources are from reliable and credible sources. Articles published in established newspapers or business journals/magazines are preferred. If you find articles on the Internet, make sure they are from a credible source

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