Multiple Regression”: Exercises 17.39, and 17.42

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17.39  Refer to
Exercise 17.16. Calculate the correlation between the father’s and the mother’s
years of education. Is there any sign of multicollinearity? Explain.

17.16  GSS2012* How does the amount of
education of one’s parents (PAEDUC, MAEDUC) affect your education (EDUC)?

a. Develop a regression model

b. Test the validity of the model

c. Test the two slope coefficients

d. Interpret the coefficients

17.42  Refer to Exercise

a. Calculate the correlation

b. Are there signs of the presence of multicollinearity? Explain.

c. Test the correlation between each independent variable and the
dependent variable. Which independent variables are linearly related to the
dependent variable?

17.20 GSS2008*
Use the General Social Survey of 2008 to conduct a regression analysis of
income (INCOME) using the following dependent variables:

    • Age (AGE)
    • Years of
      education (EDUC)
    • Hours of
      work per week (HRS)
    • Spouse’s
      hours of work (SPHRS)
    • Occupation
      prestige score (PRESTG80)
    • Number of
      children (CHILDS)
    • Number of
      family members earning money (EARNRS)
    • Years
      with current employer (CUREMPYR)

  • “Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting”:
    Exercises 20.19 and 20.35

20.19 Xr20-932 Plot the following time series to determine which
of the trend models appears to fit better.

Period  1 
2  3  4  5

Time Series  55  57  53  49  47

Period  6  7  8  9  10

Time Series  39  41 33  28  20 

20.35 The following trend line and seasonal indexes were computed
from 4 weeks of daily observations. Forecast the 7 values for next week.  ŷ = 120 + 2.3t  t = 1, 2, … , 28

Day  Seasonal

Sunday  1.5


Tuesday  .5



Friday  1.4


your answers in a Microsoft Excel workbook, with each problem on a separate
worksheet. Label each tab in the workbook with the exercise number. Highlight
the answers in yellow and provide an interpretation in a text box.

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