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Hello I need the answers for these multiple questions.

please make sure that is the correct answer.

1-Based on its name, which compound is an enzyme

A) dihydrofolate

B) triosephosphate isomerase



2-The highest levels of alkaline phosphatase are seen in:

A) Myocardial infarction

B) Renal failure


D) Obstructive liver disease


3-Which conditions are commonly diagnosed by measuring the levels of specific enzymes.

A) Migraines

B) pregnancy

C) heart attack

D) high blood pressure

4- Which of the following occurs in step 1 of enzyme catalysis?

A) The enzyme cleaves the substrate molecule

B) The substrate molecule binds to the active side

C) The enzyme molecule binds to the active side

D) none of the above

5- which of the following is characteristic of the an enzyme?

A) An enzyme is selective for a given molecule

B) an enzyme gives specific products

C) an enzyme increase the rate of reaction

D) an enzyme is present in a trace amount

E) all of the above

6- Which of the following would not be show an increase in alkaline phosphatase?

A) Hemolytic anemia

B) Osteoporosis

C) Obstructive liver disease ( hepatobiliary) rickets

D) Rickets

7-Ture or False CK-1 mm isoenzyme is found predominantly in the brain?

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