MTH 311 Pima Medical Institute Tucson Statistics Article Summary

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Search the Scientific American website to find a recent article (within the last 10 years) about a statistical study on a topic that you find interesting related to business, government, or health care. Searching on the word “statistics” will give you a good list of articles to consider.(Note: The study CANNOT reference the Nurses’ Health Study!)

This assignment requires Level 1 Writing Guidelines.

  • Provide the full website address of the article. (2 points)
  • In your own words, summarize the article, and identify whether the study was observational or an experiment. (3 points.)
  • State the goal or purpose of the study, i.e. what did the researchers want to find out? (2 points)
  • Identify the population, sample, and variables of interest.(3 points)
  • State what conclusions were drawn from the sample (4 points)
  • Identify any flaws or potential flaws in this study (3 points)

Points Possible: 20

Content: 17 pts

Writing Guidelines: 3 pts


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