motivation theorizing role various personal

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You know now that there are various theories (some content-, others process-based) of how we can look at motivation.

Comparing all the theories you read about, which one seems to you to be the most convincing? Discuss them to conclude, based on your past experiences, which you think best describes how people in groups are most motivated – especially to collaborate with one another.

Don’t forget to account for the role of various personal motivations in persuading and influencing others – and how your own motivations/desires may have influenced which theory/model you find most convincing.

please use these key terms in the paper to answer the question. there’s key terms are from the readings attached below. Also make sure to put the key terms in the bold font.



Content theories

Process theories



two-factor theory



extrinsic rewards

sense of meaningfulness

sense of choice

sense of competence

sense of progress

Expectancy theory

Attribution Theory

Goal Theory


interior states

instrumental reasons

material exchanges

social links

relational contracts

systemic thinking

organizational memory

Please use all these key terms to answer the question asked above.

I have attached 5 reading pages down below because that’s the limit ill attach the rest of five pages in messages. thank you.

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