MNSU Woman of Color and Feminism Facilitation Response Paper

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Please I need a 2 pages double spaced ( approx 500 words ) response paper :- 

In your response paper, include the following: 

  • what you understand the author’s argument(s) to be (please try to state the argument(s) in your own words, rather than by primarily quoting from the text);  
  • the sources/materials that the author uses to develop and support her argument(s); 
  • how the author’s argument might inform how you do research in the future; 
  • at least two questions that the book raises for you, which you would like to discuss in class. 

    Your facilitated session should be developed using an interactive format that involves the class in discussing the book’s primary arguments or analyses.

Women of color and feminism by MAYTHEE ROJAS, PhD

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