MLA8 hazards of technology for people neurologically

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Nicholas Carr writes about the hazards of technology for people neurologically and behaviorally and paints a very negative picture for the future. Carr expresses his opinion quite directly in the article and the videos, but do you agree with him? Is it possible that we as a species are simply now moving to a different stage in our evolution because of technology, and it is not hazardous? Or is technology truly hazardous to our brains?

Topic Question:

Is the Internet really hazardous to our brains?

  • Answer the question in an essay and provide supporting evidence from Carr’s essay, the videos, and additional sources that you may find.
  • Use MLA8 formatting of in-text citations and citations in Works Cited.
  • Type your essay in MLA format with at least 4 in-text citations from readings, videos, additional sources, and type Works Cited with MLA8 citations.
  • Minimum word requirement: 1300

THIS IS THE ESSAY By Nicholas Carr…

And those are the videos

Times new roman pt 12. Thank you

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