Meteorology 30 Questions Quiz,,LAB (APA Report Format) and Forum Week 4.

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Please send me copy of LAB report when completed. Need Forum Completed by Wednesday. Please only do week 4 Quiz. My Professor had to reset Quiz week 7 and week 8. Thank You

Required Tasks for this Week:

  • Textbook Reading:
    • Barry and Chorley – Chapter 6: Atmospheric Motion: Principles
    • Barry and Chorley – Chapter 7: Planetary-Scale Motions in the Atmosphere and Ocean
  • Week 4 Lesson: Atmospheric Circulations & Air Masses, Fronts, and Middle-Latitude Cyclones
  • Week 4 Forum
  • Week 4 Lab – Complete prior to attempting Week 4 Quiz
  • Week 4 Quiz

Optional Tasks for this Week:

  • COMET Modules
    • Thermally-Forced Circulation I: Sea Breezes
    • Jet Streams

Learning Outcomes:

LO-26. Describe the global general circulation of the atmosphere.

LO-27. Explain why the general circulation produces large scale precipitation patterns.

LO-28. Discuss deviations from the general circulation and the effects of these deviations.

LO-29. Identify various kinds of air masses and their sources.

LO-30. Describe the various kinds of fronts and their characteristics.

LO-31. Explain the Polar Front Theory.

LO-32. Discuss middle latitude cyclones and explain how they are different from tropical cyclones.

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