Mechanical/manufacturing job

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General information

All submissions to be electronic in MS Word format with a minimum of 20 typed words. All answers must be clearly identified as to which task and question they refer to. All work must be submitted through Learnzone.

Task 1 – Learning outcome 1.1 and 1.2

ALYAMI engineering Ltd is a specialist engineering company based in Qatar that produces high quality engineering products and components for it is customers. The company director JASSIM ALZAYARA has asked the company to manufacture an aluminium stand for an LCD flat screen monitor to Qataris market.

The company has asked you, as a production engineering working for the company to:

a. Select suitable data and processes for manufacture the stand using a range of conventional machining techniques.

b. Assess tooling requirements and work-holding techniques for a given component of the stand using a range of conventional machining techniques.

Task 2 – Learning outcome 2.1

LO2.1: select suitable data and processes for the following component manufacture using moulding and shaping techniques for metals and ceramics

a. Jet engine combustion chamber

b. Ceramic

Task 3 – Learning outcome 2.2

Explain changes to material properties due to the moulding and shaping processes.

Task 4 – Learning outcome 2.3

Explain the tooling requirements for producing the following components by moulding and shaping:

a. Jet engine combustion chamber by moulding

b. Low voltage cable by extrusion

Task 5 – Learning outcome 3.1

Select suitable data and processes for component manufacture using a less-conventional machining process

Q1. Explain briefly

The principle operation of the following less-conventional machining techniques:

a. Electro-discharge machining (EDM)

b. Wire Erosion

c. Laser-beam machining

d. Plasma-jet machining

Q2. Select suitable data and process manufacture using a less conventional machining process for the following components:

a. Jet engine blade

b. Micro driller tool

Task 6 – Learning outcome 3.2

Explain the tooling and ancillary equipment requirements to manufacture the following component by less-conventional machining process;

a. Very thin driller tool

b. Screwdriver

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