MBA 6350 WU Week 2 Data Visualization and Descriptive Statistics Case Study

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For this assignment, you need to submit a single Excel
(80% of the case study grade) showing all work for Steps 1-5
and a Word document (20% of the case study grade) of your
summary report that addresses all parts of Step 6
(to tell a story
with the data and through visualization means).

Conduct an
analysis of data on 4 variables collected from the 50 United States (Data File attached). You will calculate
various descriptive statistics, create summary tables and create various charts
to summarize the data for a company. Finally, you will create a written report
for company leadership summarizing your findings. You will need to enable the
Data Analysis ToolPak Add-in on your Data Ribbon in Excel to perform the
necessary analyses. Note:
If you use a Mac, the Data Analysis ToolPak is only available in Excel 2016 or

Copy of
instructions and a helpful template to utilize are attached.

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