Lymphatic System and Immunity

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  1. Compare and contrast the effects of complement with those of interferon.
  2. How does a cytotoxic T cell destroy another cell displaying antigens bound to Class I MHC proteins?
  3. . How does the formation of an antigen–antibody complex cause the elimination of an antigen?
  4. . Give one example of each type of immunity: innate immunity, naturally acquired active immunity, artificially induced active immunity, artificially induced passive immunity, and naturally acquired passive immunity.
  5. An anesthesia technician is advised that she should be vaccinated against hepatitis B, which is caused by a virus. She is given one injection and is told to come back for a second injection in a month and a third injection after six months. Why is this series of injections necessary?
  6. A decrease in which population of lymphocytes would impair all aspects of an immune response?
    (a) cytotoxic T cells
    (b) helper T cells
    (c) suppressor T cells
    (d) B cells
    (e) plasma cells
  7. Skin tests are used to determine if a person
    (a) has an active infection.
    (b) has been exposed to a particular antigen.
    (c) carries a particular antigen.
    (d) has measles.
    (e) can produce antibodies.

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