Literature Review

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After reviewing the learning materials for how to write a literature review, you are ready to write your literature review draft for your research project. Using the ten (10) journal articles and other references you have found during your research process, use the following format to outline each reference in narrative form.

1) Introduction (Review Introduction Draft assignment comments for revisions and insert them here. It is okay if your Introduction changes as you develop the parts of your research project.) 

2) Literature Review Body 

For each source provide the following information:  

a) Summarize and synthesize each source by providing an overview of the main points of each source and combine them into a whole coherently.   

b) Analyze and interpret each source discussing the significance of the study/findings in relation to your topic and literature as a whole.  

c) Critically evaluate each source by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of our sources.  

Use transition words and topic sentences to draw connections, comparisons, and contrasts. 


The draft should include a title page, an introduction, and your literature review.  

Page One- Title Page 

Page Two to Twelve- The introduction and literature review (The literature review must be a minimum of 10 pages to sufficiently meet the requirements of addressing your literature review of all your sources for the research project.) 

Last Page- References in APA format 

Please use the plagiarism checker (Turnitin) before uploading your document and make the necessary changes to avoid plagiarism.  

Literature Review 

The literature review must be a minimum of 10 pages in length. Focus on summarizing your empirical research articles to discuss what you have found for current research on your topic and work to address your research question. For each source, you want to summarize/synthesize (overview of main points), analyze and interpret (discuss the significant of the study and findings and how it is relevant to literature as a whole), and critically evaluate (discuss strengths and weaknesses). Think about writing one research study per page for your literature review. You can add additional sources if you would like, but the 10 research studies must be present to receive credit for this section.

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