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In this essay, you must write a minimum of 5 to 6 pages maximum. .Basically, what you are trying to do in Literary Analysis is to explain what a literary work means and what that means; is trying to show how the resources of literature (argument, characters, point of view, etc.) are used to create the meaning of the text.

Analyze a poem used according to specialized MLA standards . Statement of topic: Be sure to name the work and its author early in the first part of the paper.

Introduction , BODY OF THE PAPER and conclusion

(Statement of interest: Explain the point which interests you) . (Statement of problem: Explain

the critical disagreement, textual problem or other problem under consideration

Statement of Thesis, Forecast of organization, Support for your argument:

(Important include ) : Characters, Events and interaction, Setting, Time,

  • Organization: How is the story organized? Most commonly, stories are told chronologically, but in some works, you may find that the author moves back and forth (in time as well as place). Writing style: What does the writing style tell you about the story? Is the writing richly detailed? Is it sparse?
  • Symbolism , Theme, Retelling of a story , plot , charter

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