Life with Daughters David Sedaris Essay Response

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should be minimally 300 words, and should discuss the writing elements.

Consider how the authors organized and structured these essays. What makes it effective? What methods do they employ? Note how the assigned essays are written, organized, structured…discuss word choice, imagery, sentences, and rhetorical mechanisms. What does the author employ to achieve content and story and mood goals? Description? Details? Listing, metaphor, simile, variances in tone and voice? Consistency throughout or dramatic shifts? Are sentence and paragraph lengths the same or do they vary? And why? How does the title work. What is the perspective? Is chronology or some sort of timeline utilized? How does the beginning work to set the stage/tone for the entire essay? How about the ending? What makes this essay stand out? Again, do NOT write a literary analysis.


Life with daughters: Watching the Miss America Pageant by Gerald Early—- find on google

David Sedaris essay- attached below

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