Lesson 8 – Case study: Atkins or “Fadkins”

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Lesson 8

Answer each of the following questions below related to the “Atkins or Fadkins” case study:

    Part I

    1. First, find out what nutrients Janine and Mitchell are talking about. Describe what the following molecules are and list some specific examples (provide the scientific name) of each.

    a. Proteins

    b. Carbohydrates

    c. Fats

    2. Janine made this statement: “…if your brain doesn’t get carbs -well, glucose, anyway-you get really cranky. You have to have enough carbs.” Find out if Janine is right. How does the nervous system use glucose?

    3. The words “calorie” and “energy” come up a lot in discussions of diet and nutrition. Use a biology textbook to define both of these terms. Then suppose you found a product that was labeled “calorie-free energy drink.” Why would that label be misleading?

    Part II

    1. How does the medical community define “obesity” and what factors contribute to obesity?

    2. What is “set point theory”?

    3. What body system(s) remove toxins from the body? Where do toxins come from? Do toxins really cause you to gain body fat or prevent you from losing weight?

    Part III

    1. What other two (2) hormones could affect Mitchell’s appetite and what are their effects on appetite? Note: this is a relatively new area of research and new information may arise at any time.

    2. Why could a low-carb diet cause headaches, fatigue, and carbohydrate cravings?


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