Late Mini Rehearsals Essay

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Actually it is comparing how the poem describes the theme Carpe diem and memento mori through rhetorical figures. And also what is the purpose and what can be done.

-The essay will be between 700-1000 words in MLA style.

-The objective of the essay is to put on paper one’s own thought taken from the class to new

content to choose from the list at the end of the instructions.

-The idea is that the student makes an analysis/interpretation of one of the comparative options

at the end of this guide, in the format described below.

-If the student has more doubts about any of the parts that the essay must contain, they are asked

that the student review the document titled “Guide to writing an essay” that is

found in Canvas.

Test steps:

-The student must choose an analysis option.

-In the analysis of that text you must make an analysis that explains: 1) An analysis of one of the

texts and the topic to which it corresponds, 2) a thesis that explains the central idea and the elements of

your analysis 3) what rhetorical figures or elements (of theater) help your analysis 4) find 2-3

elements or subthemes that support/demonstrate your thesis 5) analysis of the text and 6) conclusion


-The student must organize his essay as follows:

1) Introduction: an introduction to what will be your analysis of these two texts. is the opportunity

for the student to share useful data about the context of the writings, the author, or

another @ that supports the thesis even more. The last two sentences should be focused on manifesting

his thesis and the elements that support it. For example; The stories “The man who learned to

barking” and “El otro yo” by Mario Benedetti represent the problematization of exile,

materialized in the foreignness of the language. This is observed in the language of dogs in the

first story and in the death of the “other me” in the second.

2) Development (knot): 2-3 paragraphs explaining what happens in the scene, the use of the elements

and how they support the central thesis of the essay. For example: paragraph 2; analysis of the use of

language and not being able to be a dog. Paragraph 3; what does the death of the other self mean and that Armando already

don’t seem strong. Paragraph 4: analysis of another element that explains the thesis.

3) Conclusion: give a final interpretation explaining the usefulness of viewing this text through this

thesis. For example; When looking at these stories we see that they operate as a metaphor/analogy of exile and of

the foreigner that gives us the possibility to think about how e/immigration is also suffered

current. In other words, immigration is not only suffered at a geographical or family level, but also at a

cultural level and more than anything linguistic.


-all text can be compared with any text seen in class

-All text seen in class and its elements can be used for analysis.

For example: rhetorical figures, actions, characters, etc.

-A good grammar and a good order, stating the idea that you want to demonstrate and then the why.

what, is essential for a good essay (one point will be lowered from the final grade for every two errors


-Analyze, do not describe

-Follow MLA rules: double space, Times New Roman 12 font, etc. The essay that doesn’t

respond to the rules of MLA style, you will have a loss of points. In addition, they will have to have a

index of works cited at the end of the work.

-May you never lack any of these elements:

1. Name of the author, name of the class, name of the teacher and date in the left margin

top, double spaced

2. Title (name of the work, name of the author, date of composition)


? Organize your ideas well.

? Your classmates can be of great help. Remember that the problems you have

so will the people with whom you share the class, most likely.

? The teacher can always help you, but he cannot do the essay for you. Remember that

he wants to help you. Ask him specific questions during his office hours or in class.

? Review the essay before handing it in.

Use the vocabulary learned in class

? Remember never to repeat what was said in class. The key to a good essay is that

The essay will be analyzing this poem If there is something, it is not forgotten (César Brandón)

this is the poem

If there is something, it is not forgotten (César Brandón)

And after having lived so much, so much and sometimes so little, at 89

years old, the charlatan old man, remembering his youth upon seeing his reflection in

a broken mirror that sat on him like silk and made him stand up

like pride… he said to himself, that is, to his I of his reflection, to his

from him I young, to his past:

“May the hairs that you do not have on your tongue never grow on you.

the heart. Never stop dancing, even when the music doesn’t

ring. Never stop kissing even when your lips meet

dry Because if there is something in this world that is not forgotten…

It’s ballroom dancing and tongue kissing”

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