LACC Social Science Paper

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This Class Activity is designed for you to demonstrate your grasp of the course material by applying it to an analysis and critique of either

a contemporary film or documentary about Mexico, Central America or Latin America, or

a classic third cinema film from Latin America.


Please complete the following:

Watch a recent movie or documentary with a Latin American theme, or a classic Latin American “third cinema” film of the 1960s. 

Do a little research of your own, and review the lecture slides and Canvas pages, to sort out who made the film you are watching (i.e. director, producer, distributor).

  • Post a 250+ word summary and analysis of the film you watched, focusing on the specific themes, cultures, situations, and histories that directly represent or relate to the historical events, concepts, and cultures, we have covered in the course:
  • colonialism


European creation of racial hierarchies 

Latin American history

indigenous peoples

cultural resistance

  1. Here are some recommended titles that can be found on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Kanopy:


Even the Rain

  • The Motorcycle Diaries
  1. Magical Andes (Netflix documentary series, pick an episode on a course-related country)

Taco Chronicles (Netflix documentary series, pick an episode with an indigenous Mexican history) 

There are also classic third cinema films  available on the course Canvas pages and on Youtube.

Key Ideas & Content to Consider

  • In Roma, what racial and class hierarchies does director Alfonso Charon expose in Mexican society?
  • What is the allegory of Spanish colonialism in the plot of Even the Rain?
  • Third cinema films such as La Hora de Los Hornos, Lucia, and the others discussed in the lecture slides can be found on the course Canvas pages, and by searching through YouTube.
  • Students may also complete this activity by watching the Argentinian film Tango Negro, which is available to rent on Amazon.

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