La Ethnography Project Social Science Paper

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This is assignment #1 ‘LA ETHNOGRAPHY PROJECT’ Attached below!

this is what the professor said we can write about- I’ll also add the full prompt for this assignment ” project focused on Melrose would be terrific. You could do a lot with mapping your observations of people’s use of the streets. Who walks the streets and when and how (walking, skateboarding, jogging, etc.). You could also do something that is called a “transect walk” which is a walking interview. If you could walk down the street with someone, you could ask them about their connections to the street. What experiences have they had on Melrose? What places, corners, sidewalks have special meanings? You could ask people to point out which part of the street symbolizes the meaning of Melrose for them. Why is this place so special in LA? You could also do a lot with observations of fashion in the streets. You could discuss fashion meanings with folks who are especially fashionable. What are they trying to say through the clothing that they are wearing? Another thing you could map are the smells of Melrose. When walking the streets there are any number of compelling smells from interesting foods, perfumes, and cannabis. Try to have fun with this project. it’s a great space to study, and you deserve to enjoy your academic work!” Melrose Ave. is Located in Los Angeles california. I need 5 annoations with the references attached on how those reports would help my research project!

Second assignment

In a Word document (12 point font; single spaced; no length or word count restrictions) or the space below, include the following information:

  • Topic of your final paper. It can be a working title or a brief description of what you plan to research on.
  • Justification. Why this topic or issue is interesting to you and why it is important to explore beyond what you have presented on or what we have discussed during class.

Make sure to provide enough information for me to judge whether this issue/topic is suitable for a final paper in our class. I may ask for clarification or more info if I can’t.

For that assignment I’d like to focus on Human remains and ethical practices. I’ve attached 1 article we used in an assignment as an example! (Fossheim)

Sorry, lot’s of info so breaking it down one more time.

First assignment – 5 short annotations (100 to 120 words each one) on Melrose ave in Los Angeles

Second assignment- a topic of final paper and a quick annotation on that! She didn’t really specify so just a short annotation! Not on that article specifically, you can write in general on human remains from biological anthropology perspective and ethics! Please let me know if you need anything else!

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