Journal Reflection: Creating a Movement, social science homework help

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Choose a current social movement. You may choose your own or select
one of the following: Occupy Wall Street movement, Black Lives Matter
movement, the environmental movement, or the gender equality movement.

While you might have not heard of the specific organizations involved
in the movements, you have likely heard of issues raised by participants
in these movements. Answer the following questions about the movement
you have selected in one to two sentences each.

  1. Which social movement did you choose, and what interests you about the movement?
  2. How have you learned about this social movement (news articles,
    social media, social commentary, conversation with others, television
  3. What is the “big question” or inquiry that the movement is trying to answer?
  4. What do you think has caused the movement to gain or lose momentum?
    How does this movement either directly or indirectly impact your
    day-to-day life? For example, if you are looking at the environmental
    movement, maybe you were directly impacted by a tax break for purchasing
    a new Prius or putting new energy-efficient windows in your home.

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