investigation on a fashion buyer

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Context:Learning how to adapt to various rhetorical situations is very important when writing in the professional setting. You must consider the context: why you are writing, who you are writing to, and how you are writing to them. Different fields, journals, organizations, news outlets, etc. will have different expectations for tone, style, format and more. For this assignment, you will be corresponding with a professional from your field. Analyzing the audience will enable your communication to be successful and you may be more likely to receive a response back.

Assignment:For this assignment, you will use the same job position as the basis for your questions that you used for the first assignment. Your purposehere is to practice analyzing your audience and gain a better understanding of their needs and expectations. It is also to gain further knowledge about the company and position you were not able to uncover on your own in the previous assignment by writing and sending an email directly to a professional who might be able to answer your questions.

Step 1: Find 3-4 professionalsin various avenues/positions of your preferred field. These professionals should work in different contexts in the field you are most interested in. They do not have to work in the same company you chose for assignment 1. Do some preliminary research on these individuals.

Step 2:After conducting some research on your initial choice of professionals, narrow it down to one personyou would like to really contact. Conduct in-depth research on this professional to understand their background, training, employment history, duties, and areas of interest.

Step 3:Write an Analytical Memo explaining your findings and recommendations for effectively writing to your specific audience member. Your memo include the following:

  • Include asynthesis and explanation of what you have learned about this person, the position they occupy, their career background, major concerns/interests, skills and/or training, best way to appeal to them and the best types of information to request from them.
  • Use a memo formatto write your analysis about the audience member (600-650 words). This should be single-spaced, properly formatted as a memo, and should use headings, lists, and other necessary elements where appropriate.


The professional person I want to investigate is fashion buyer who works in a retail store. You can see the information from the website.


the attachment is the job I want to apply. I want to apply for a sale associate in another retail store called DSM. The person I want to investigation is a fashion buyer in Opening Ceremony.

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