Introduction to Modern Philosophy Response

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Please respond to Kamasi:

The  science that was supreme in the Medieval Age was metaphysics. This science was subordinate to Christian Theology. Medieval philosophers were predominantly University Professors occupied with teaching. These Philosphers wrote commentaries on standard texts in use at universities and wrote in the language (Latin) of the learned academic world. In Contrast,  modern philosophers were said to be autonomous the product of reason alone.  university professors (pre-Kantian period). As opposed to traditionalist of the Medievel age who used commentaries within university academics, modern philosophers employed in their writings independent treatises that reflected fresh original minds and new ideas. Evidently, some modern philosophers were influenced by Catholic/Christian dogma and were concerned with trying to harmonize their philosophies with Biblical scripture. However, not all modern philosophers were influenced by scripture.  Rationalist, rely on thinking and deny the existence of the supernatural, divine revelations and mystical experiences. British Empiricism held that knowledge derives from  inductive reasoning and sensory experience.

I think that modern philosophy tried to distance itself from Medievel philosophy (Theology) Biblical teachings of supernatural forces, beings an mystical experiences that controlled the destiny of mankind. Instead modern philosophies evolved into Rationalist and British Empiricism (influencesand relied more on rational thought e.g Rene Descartes) (sensory experience and inductive reasoning, e.g John Locke).

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