Intervention for Addiction Disorder Discussion

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For this assignment, please write a paper of 4-5 pages, excluding cover page and reference page. In the assignment, you will explore you own personal attitudes and perceptions about medication assisted treatment (MAT) and the practical uses of MAT in the treatment of individuals with addictive and co-occurring addictive and mental health disorders. You will first need to select one of the four following treatment medications to focus on. Please choose one that you are less familiar or not familiar with.

Indicate your selection in the M2 Medication Selection choice activity.

psychiatric medications

After researching specific medication, please address the following:

What are your own specific views and beliefs regarding this group of medications? Include any biases against or for the use of these medications and your reasons. (You can also add a brief summary of what you commonly hear from others, friends, family, patients, 12 step members, etc.)

What are the purposes and therapeutic benefits of using these medications? 

What are the challenges that can occur when using this class of MAT in treatment?

  • What are the advantages of using this class of medications in addictions treatment?

What is the counselors’ role for understanding these medications, ability to explain how they work to patients, and for monitoring compliance of patients using addiction or psychiatric medicines?

As a result researching this MAT for the paper, did your views about medication change- positively or negatively? If so specifically explain how?

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