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Internal vs External Recruiting

Internal recruitment has the potential advantage of raising morale within the organization. For example, a company that recruits internally is making a demonstration of faith that an individual in the existing talent pool will be able to meet the needs of the organization, either through a lateral move or a promotion to greater responsibility. In addition, avoiding an external search is likely to save time and resources, since the candidate is already known and has a history that can be assessed in the context of a change (Williams, 2015). Yet hiring from within may perpetuate undesirable aspects organizational culture. This can stifle growth and needed change.

The reasons why an external search may be desirable include a fresh and objective approach to projects, at least at first. An external hire may bring new ideas, and this approach does not risk generating the resentment that an internal hire can cause, as co-workers become jealous of the change (Stone, 2013). Yet an external hire may cost more overall, since a search has to be conducted to find them, and the organization has to train them as well (Stone, 2013; Williams, 2015).


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Internal vs External Recruiting

There are several techniques to interview a prospective candidate; they range from formal traditional interviews to informal nondirective interviews. The type of interview conducted will depend on the employment opportunity at hand and how the HRM wants to determine the best fit for the company. People tend to forget the interview process is two ways; the company needs to determine the best fit for the position and the candidate needs to learn if the company is the right fit for them.

The traditional interview consists of the interviewer and the interviewee. Traditional questions asked are; “tell me about yourself,” “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “Why do you feel you are the best fit for our company?” Both parties can hear and evaluate the responses. This interview can take place in person, telephone or video call depending where the candidate resides. Telephone interviews can help the HRM lower the applicant pool before an in-person interview. 

An Interview panel can be intimidating for potential candidates, however, “The format compensates for weak one-on-one interviewers and gets them involved in questioning. Everyone assesses the candidate using the same responses and information. The panel can meet immediately after interviews, while

impressions are fresh, to make decisions about the candidate” (Business Management).  An interview panel will get several people’s perspective of the candidate as well as give the candidate who they will be working with giving both parties the opportunity to decide if the “fit” is right.

A company that deals with clients inside and outside of the office may choose to conduct a meal interview. A common misperception for the candidate is that they have received the job already.  However, “some job interviews are conducted over breakfast, lunch or dinner to determine how you conduct yourself in a setting other than an office environment. Companies have their clients, vendors, and other employees to consider when hiring new people. A candidate, who makes a poor impression because he or she doesn’t know how to hold a fork when cutting meat correctly, could be an embarrassment in front of a client or customer”(Think Resources). This type of interview gives the HRM the opportunity to view the candidates, appearance, manors, and personality in a real environmental setting.


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