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M4 Discussion: Active Listening

Active Listening Skills

Choose one of the following two topics to post your initial comment in this discussion – make sure your subject line reflects the discussion topic you select (ie. “Concrete vs. Abstract” or “Turning Negatives into Positives”

1. Concrete vs. Abstract

Discuss the importance of the concrete-abstract distinction and how it can be useful in the counseling and interviewing process. Provide a specific illustration of each type of communication. You may wish to observe a conversation in your daily life and comment on it.


2. Turning negatives into positives

A client may come to a first interview with a negative “I statement”. One way to define the objective of counseling is to turn negative statements into positive ones.

Illustrate one of the points with case examples. Discuss: What might be pre- and post-interviewing statements from:

a) a career confused client, or

b) a depressed individual, or

c) a client who does not know how to find a job, or

d) a client who is having difficulty with his or her spouse?

In each example, write negative “I statements” which the client might make and positive “I statements” which might appear after successful counseling.

You must refer to what you read in the text

Please post your initial comment (2-3 short paragraphs at the beginning of the discussion week), and then return to the discussion area 2 more times (middle and end) during the discussion week to briefly comment, as appropriate, on what other students’ have posted. When commenting on what other students have posted in their initial comment, you should comment on both scenarios. However, your initial comment should be either 1 or 2.

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