Instructions: Read the guidelines on the term paper carefullyWrite in a concise and specific wayRemember to provide citations and referencesProofread the writing for any errors before the submission

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  • Read the guidelines on the term paper carefully
  • Write in a concise and specific way
  • Remember to provide citations and references
  • Proofread the writing for any errors before the submission

PLM or SCM implementation case study

Using an Internet search engine or the library, research a manufacturing company that has successfully implemented either PLM or SCM. Write a paper that focuses on the following:

  • Did the company have a PDM (in the case of PLM) or an ERP (in the case of SCM) system prior to the implementation? Briefly describe it. Explain why they felt a need to replace it.
  • How does the company quantify the benefits of having a PLM/SCM system?
  • How does the company measure success?
  • What were successes and lessons learned?
  • What is the system design architecture? Here we are looking for fairly simple categories e.g., Mainframe, Client Server, Cloud-based, SaaS, etc. Keep this to a couple of sentences.
  • What implementation procedures/ were used? What life cycle model, if any, was used to determine when to update/replace these systems?

The target company for this paper should ideally have its own manufacturing and product development functional organizations, such as Dell, Johnson Controls, or Caterpillar; it does not need to be very large but should have either complex products (PLM) or a complex supply chain (SCM). If you do not keep to this requirement you may find it hard to identify savings or other success factors. You may use a company that you are familiar with.

You can either choose a company that has purchased a PDM/ERP or developed its own capability.

The page limit for this study report is 2 pages with a font size of 11 points, single-spaced; this includes charts and pictures, but excludes the references which should be on a third page.

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