infographic and presntation

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Assignment Description:

For this assignment you will create an infographic that informs an audience about your research topic (the one you created your research assignment on). This assignment is worth 15% of the course grade and is due Wednesday, November 29th.

To create the infographic you may use any drawing program you’re comfortable with, OR you may use a web-based program that helps you create the infographic (here is a list of free options: 10 free tools for creating infographics).

This assignment may be submitted electronically by uploading a file through D2L. If you want to submit a “hard” copy of your work, you may submit it on a USB drive or you may print the infographic and leave it in Alanna’s mailbox in the main Arts & Humanities office (2nd floor, Building 340).


Your project will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • (5%) quantity of information — the infographic should have enough visual and textual information to give the audience as complete an understanding of the topic as possible.
  • (5%) quality of information — the infographic should include appropriate visual and textual information to inform the audience about the topic.
  • (5%) quality of production — the infographic should be produced in a way that looks professional and attractive; images are used predominantly and the text is free from spelling errors and typos.

You will give a five minute presentation to the class that demonstrates and discusses your major research and infographic project. The purpose of this assignment is to deliver an effective oral description of: your topic; how you researched it; and what you learned about it. You may use digital media to support your presentation.


Evaluation: You will be awarded 1/2 mark for every 30 seconds you speak, up to 5 minutes (with the mark rounded up or down at the 15 second mark — ie: if your presentation lasts 4 minutes, 20 seconds, you will get 4.5/5). If you go past 5 minutes, you will have 1/2 mark deducted for every 30 seconds you go past the stated time limit of 5 minutes. (Ie: if your presentation last 6 minutes, 5 seconds, you will get 4/5).

The research is in the attachment

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