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One of the crime the local police department has been fighting here in Macon, Georgia has been the increasing numbers of gang violence across the city. “Gang violence means criminal and nonpolitical acts of violence committed by a group of people who regularly engage in criminal activity against innocent people” (U.S. Legal, 2016). Individuals that take part in such activities are subject to but not limited to, dive-by-shootings, burglarizing business and personal property, retaliation against other gangs, and using and selling drugs within the community they are in. It is essential to mention that each individual that take place in this lawlessness behavior, their perspective are not on the wellbeing of innocent people that may be in the area. 

     Remember any innocent person could be a victim of gang violence. For example, a family of four (mother, father, sister (age 16) brother (age 17) lived in a house. The brother was affiliated with Bloods. The rival gang Crips did a drive-by-shooting on the house killing the little sister. She was an innocent victim. This is the short-term effect of gang violence for those who decided the life of being in a gang. The victim was the family The long-term effect is this young man will never see his young sister again and will have to live with a decision he made not only for himself but for his family also. 

     Gangs have a tendency to have something to prove to other gang, the community and those in authority. one of the short-term effect of gangs within a community is crime rate will rise. Los Angeles California have over 20-25,000 gang members. Once a community once a community was taken over with gang the crime rate rose. ” 784 homicides nearly 12,000 felony assault, approximately 10,000 robberies and just a fewer than 500 rapes” (Friedrichs, 1999).  Although these numbers was based off the city population report, it still give us an idea that the number of crime rose when gang affiliation moved into the area. One of the things Macon have seen in the past few years has been an increase in robberies and property crimes. One of the long-term effect of gang is people moving out of the area which would mean vacant houses. This would only invite more drugs and gang activity into the area along with other crimes. 

      U.S. Legal (2016).

      Friedrichs, M. (1999). Gangs: Problems and Answers. ESGE. Global Environment.


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