Immigration Laws Research Paper

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I need help completing part 2 which is the actual paper. I completed part 1, but i was told that I did not clearly describe how I am going to develop my paper. I was also missing a specific thesis statement and the academic source(s) ***(see attahced)***. Part two needs to have the above corrected from part one.

Part 1 – An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement of at least 200 words. The introduction paragraph should specifically describe the direction you plan to take in this research paper. Please support this paragraph with one to two academic sources in proper APA citation format.

Part 2 – The completed research paper addressing one of the approved topics. (see below). The paper must be at least 1000 words, with a minimum of 5 academic sources noted in proper citation format within the body of the paper and listed on the reference page.

Compare and contrast the roles of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches with regard to one of the following current issue: Immigration

Overall Guidelines:

  • APA Research Analysis, including proper citations and reference list.
    • Personal interviews, statements on television, radio, and in videos or movies are not acceptable.
  • 1,200 words or 5 to 6 pages in length.
  • A minimum of 5 relevant and legitimate sources, documented within the paper and properly cited in a reference list.

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