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Answer these 2 Question in short essay.

Only Sources from the Course Material used, deChant, Ellwood, Course Lectures)

1. Describe some of the problems in today’s world that seem to be involved with religion and some ways religion can help inter-group and international understanding.

A. How would you describe the meaning of the word spirituality in terms if your own reflections upon human life and your own personal history?

Key words and terms: For this section, reveal an understanding of at least seven of the following words and terms in your response: legitimization, disenchantment, functional, formal, substantive, Axial Age, inter-subjective, culture, society, myth, ritual, ultimate power, cosmological, transcendental, anthropological, community, neutrality, cosmological, totem, egalitarian, shaman(s), animism, pre-literate, literacy, “Patriarchal Revolution,” mana, initiations, primal, archaic, urbanization, myth, ritual, individuation, ultimate power, legitimization, literacy, urbanization, social hierarchy, ancestors/ancestral spirits.


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