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Process & Submittals

P1.1 Read and Analyze text – Read Origins of the Dwelling Hut by Vitruvius, Analyze the story in terms of “three act structure” identifying the divisions and turning points in the story. Identify five themes within the story that ‘resonate’ and could be developed further. Record your analysis in your sketchbook.

P1.2 Read and take graphic notes – Read Preface and Education of the Architect by Vitruvius. Take notes in your sketchbook including:

  • ï‚· vocabulary list: identify new words and concepts (min. 15), provide brief definition
  • ï‚· outline with short synopsis (1‐2 sentences) for each section/paragraph
  • ï‚· graphic notes – i.e. diagrams illustrating concepts and relationships
  • P1.3 Summary, Script and Storyboard – Prepare to create a graphic novel based on the Vitruvius story. It is important that you develop a point of view based on your understanding of the most important theme or themes found in the story. Your rendition will use the retelling of a common story to emphasize architectural values that you consider important. In preparation for the graphic Novel prepare in your sketchbook:
    • ï‚· a 3-4 sentence plot summary
    • ï‚· one-page script,
    • ï‚· storyboard (this is a rough diagram of the layout, not the finished product.

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