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Your final assignment in this course is to take an existing PowerPoint and add some multimedia and visual effects to create a more engaging presentation.

Your boss at a local non-profit organization has asked you to revise an old presentation given at volunteer luncheons, donor parties, and community fairs. He thinks the content is good, but the delivery is dry and stale. He has asked you to use your Google Slides skills to add video, transitions, and animations to catch their audience’s eye and hold their attention.

Download this PowerPoint excerpt to your computer, upload it to Google Drive, and open it with Google Slides.

Rename it to: LastNameFirstName_W7GoogleAssignment

Insert a transition between slides 1 and 2 and slides 3 and 4 (there should be no transition between slides 2 and 3). Choose transitions you feel would be appropriate for a professional presentation with potential donors.

On slide 4, apply a “fade out” animation to the pie chart that will start after a mouse-click.

Select “Insert–>Image” and paste this link: http://images.clipartpanda.com/community-clipart-community_clip_art_15.jpg

Into the URL search bar.

6) Resize the community clip art to be approximately the same size as the chart.

7) Apply a “fade in” animation to the community image and set it to fade in after the pie chart

has faded out.

8) Adjust the speed settings on both animations so the fade in/fade out looks natural–not

rushed or uncomfortably slow.

9) Duplicate the final slide, and delete the pie chart image, the community image, and the

“Source” info in the bottom right of the screen, but leave the rest of the styling.

10) Insert a YouTube video about giving, donating, charity, or fundraising into the final slide.

Or search for one of your own.

11) At the bottom of the video slide, create a text box and type “Click Here to Donate or

Schedule Your Fundraising Event Now”

12) Go back to Slide 2, Create a text box at the bottom of the page and type, “Click Here to

Donate Now”

13) Select that text, and insert a slide-to-slide link to Slide 5

14) Click on “Share”, set your permissions to “Anyone with a grantham.edu address can EDIT”, and copy/paste the share link into your W7 Google assignment dropbox.


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