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I already answer it but I want to make sure I have got the right answer

The eukaryotic ribosomal RNA has is designated as ______ S, based on
its size.

A. 80 B. 70 C. 60 D. 40

Endospore formation in certain bacteria includes the following events
except ____

A. formation of a smaller forespore
B. peptidoglycan being layed down between membrane
C. increased amounts of nitrogen and carbon available
D. a lengthy process, involving hours or more
E. dehydration and calcification

In animal eukaryotic cells, the cell membrane stability is aided by

A. rigid structural proteins
B. ergosterols
C. cholesterols
D. cell walls external to the membranes

E. C & D

The cytoskeleton of the prokaryotic cell includes which of the following structures?

  1. Intermediate fibres
  2. Microtubules
  3. Both of these are included
  4. Neither of these are included

In the ________________, ribosomal RNA is formed in eukaryotic cells

A. nucleolus
B. nucleoid
C. nuclear membrane
D. nuclear pore
E. chromatin/DNA


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