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HUM 110 EX CR 2

No due date

HUM 110 SLO Assignment (optional; up to 10 extra points possible)

Write a good paragraph of at least 8 sentences that addresses the following points about the artwork in the image below. It’s in the book, in one of the recent slideshows, and in a video you watched, so there’s no reason you can’t succeed with flying colors. Due through the EX CR 2 portal by the end of Tuesday.

1) How is it situated historically? (Who made it, when, and where?)

2) What are its cultural purposes? (Why was it made?)

3) What are its key details or features? (How was it made? i.e. description, design, techniques used, artistic or architectural school.)

4) How does it still have influence and importance? (How/why do we value it now?)

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