Human Anatomy Communication Coordination arachnoid matter meninges cerebrospinal

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(03.01 LC)

Which of the following correctly characterizes the arachnoid mater? (2 points)


(03.01 MC)

Parkinson’s disease prevents the brain from properly sending motor signals to the consciously moved muscles of the body. This disease would therefore inhibit parts of the (2 points)


(03.01 MC)

Your cat rubs against your leg, tickling your skin, so you reach down and scratch your leg. Which shows the correct order of signal production in the nervous system? (2 points)


(03.02 LC)

The ventral root is associated with which action of a reflex arc? (2 points)


(03.02 LC)

This bla diagram shows a cross section of the spinal cord. Letters A through C each label different areas of the cross section. A points to the darker, H-shaped region of tissue at the center of the spinal cord. B points to the lighter area that surrounds the darker shaded region of A. C points to a nerve that is connecting to the left, anterior side of the spinal cord cross section

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The structure labeled with “C” is called (2 points)


(03.02 LC)

Which part of a spinal reflex arc receives information from a pain receptor? (2 points)


(03.03 LC)

This diagram shows the human brain. Letter A indicates the largest and most superior region of the brain that contains many small ridges. Letter B indicates a small, horseshoe-shaped region just under region A. Letter C indicates a cauliflower- shaped region at the base of the brain on the posterior side. Letter D indicates the stalklike region at the base of the brain, just above where the brain connects to the spinal cord.

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Which of the following correctly identifies letter C on the diagram above? (2 points)


(03.03 LC)

What part of the brain is responsible for making you feel hungry? (2 points)


(03.04 MC)

Which of the following nervous system divisions is correctly paired with an example of its function? (2 points)


(03.04 MC)

An injury to the nervous system results in nervousness and hyperactivity. Which division of the nervous system was damaged by the injury? (2 points)


(03.05 MC)

Describe how the following stages occur in a neuron in terms of ion movement across the cell membrane: resting potential, threshold potential, depolarization, repolarization. (5 points)


(03.05 HC)

What is the correct order of a signal being transmitted across a neuromuscular junction? (2 points)


(03.05 LC)

In a neuromuscular synapse, which of the following breaks down the neurotransmitter released from the axon? (2 points)


(03.05 MC)

During the transmission of signals across a neuromuscular junction, which of the following happens first? (2 points)


(03.07 LC)

Glands of the endocrine system release their hormones (2 points)


(03.07 MC)

How does neural transmission compare to endocrine signal transmission? (2 points)


(03.07 MC)

A person has a disorder that inhibits the production of thymosin. Which of the following would be a likely result? (2 points)


(03.07 MC)

Jane just ate kale, a high-calcium food. This would likely cause (2 points)


(03.06 MC)

This figure shows a side view of the internal anatomy of the eyeball. The eyeball has an outer white covering. At the front of the eye, the white tissue transitions into a clear tissue that covers the blue-colored part of the eye. The back of the eye has a tubelike projection containing yellow tissue and blood vessels. Letter A indicates yellow-colored tissue that lines the inside surface of the back of the eye. The yellow-colored tissue runs from the back of the eye up along the inside of the tubelike projection. Letter B indicates a clear disc near the front of the eye, just behind the structure that gives the eye its blue color. Letter C indicates the blue-colored structure of the eye, which surrounds a black hole. Letter D indicates the tubelike projection at the back of the eye.

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Based on the figure above, which structure would focus light onto the retina? (2 points)


(03.06 MC)

Gustatory and olfactory refer to which of the following senses, in which order? (2 points)


(03.06 MC)

Describe the pathway of sound from the point where it enters the outer ear to the point in which the sound information travels to the brain. Briefly describe the structure and function of each organ along the pathway. (5 points)

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