Howard College Abrahamic Traditions Discussion Questions

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Using these 10 people listed (or find your own) from the below site, choose 1 and discuss where and this African who occurs in the Abrahamic traditions (pre-New world (1400-ish) ). Meaning Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

Do your research and have at least 2 other resources, list them. 

300 words at least. Tell us who they are and their importance. Did you find extra information on these people? Are there other sources about them? What else is said about them? Are they well known, or obscure? I’d like to see what you find out there. 


—————- In a separate word document, —————————- 

400 words, then respond to two classmates. 

After Reading the Interview, what do you think about how the Abrahamic faiths interacted with Africans? Did each have a different way or idea when dealing with Africans? What do you think was the most important part of the interview? What surprised you? What is your biggest takeaway?… 

—————— In a separate word document——————— 

300 word minimum for original post. Original post worth up to 7 points, 2 responses worth up to 1 point each, with 1 point being depth of responses. 

Choose 3 of the 9 elements to discuss related to what you learned in this lesson. Using the reading material attached. Where do you see the elements?……

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