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The technological forces have been increasing over the years and begins to climb higher as new advanced technology is created. This impact has made costs for those services to increase higher than ever before. It is the driving force and primary reason for increase in costs. As technology continues to increase, there must be some accountability on what works for what group of patients. Actual findings of what type of technology contributes to certain factors could start helping in reducing the costs associated with the advances. The costs for these services have spiraled out of control in the U.S leaving us vulnerable to accept and take in additional new technology without fully analyzing its capabilities. Insurance companies increase their costs to patients and employers as the price of services rises. Medical inflation is a factor that continues to increase based on those costs interlocked with technology. Until there can be some type of structure and accountability on new advancements additional managed care and utilization review must increase within hospitals and clinics to help sustain the costs per patient as much as possible. Those measures will have to be in place when costs become an issue for a patient who isn’t able to afford the service but would benefit from such care. Although, these are all issues that the U.S. continues to face as a challenge, other countries continue to struggle with providing those level of care to their people because of their universal health care system. Again, it continues to present issues as the future is unknown of ACA affecting insurance companies and state and federal programs.

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