how much in sales taxes do the activities of the austin area f1 racetrack bring into the coffers

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Each research methods memo should be individually written. 4-5 pages double spaced. Grading is 95% on content and 5% on writing.

The methods memo should:

– Include a list of human sources for the information which should be specific (i.e. “officials in the Transportation Planning Office at the City of Dallas,” not “transportation officials”) and include a phone number for the appropriate office and/or email. Some of the sources of information will be written documents and these should be properly cited. Newspaper, academic journals and online writing sources should be cited properly. Indicate which sources you would go to first.

***If you follow through and obtain a credible answer to the question, you may write up the answer, cite its source, evaluate the credibility of your official answer, and receive additional credit for the assignment.

Research Methods Memo Questions:

How much in sales taxes do the activities of the Austin area F1 racetrack bring into the coffers of Travis County and the City of Austin? Does the return equal the subsidies given by the state?

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