How do they plan and organizing people (opening hours, online content, at location control, & staffing)?

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Individual component (everyone must complete).

Using an online search, find a specific service provider in Sorrento and evaluate their operation. Judging by information and pictures available online, detail the service components of your chosen restaurant, rental agency (bikes, beach equipment) tour-operator, etc. and identify the components of their activity. The details should include a discussion of the following components:

  1. Identify: How do they plan and organizing people (opening hours, online content, at location control, & staffing)?
  2. What is the infrastructure needed to provide the service, include the information available on the service scape, what do the facility component look like online?
  3. How is the communication component of the service including, pricing, options, menus, what is the core product and how is it detailed?
  4. What are your expectation of service provider and its customer’s interactions? Service promise sets the expectation for the experience which the customers will use to rate the service and evaluate whether they are satisfied with what they purchased.
  5. Search for user generated content (online reviews) and summarize the evaluations. What is your general expectation of the service do you think you would be satisfied with the service?

Individual pre-departure component, Purpose: The purpose of the individual assignment is to gather information on services available ahead of time. When we arrive in Sorrento, we will begin to work with the information gathered individually and select from one of the establishments for the group project. By completing the project while still in the U.S. we can evaluate their online presence and the service promise, and experience what their customers see while planning their own trip. We will also have gained some knowledge of what is available to work with and what might be of interest to you.

Individual pre-departure component, graded assignment: The final project should be submitted on Ulearn. The length of the paper, to adequately describe all the aspects of the services to be examined, should be between 3-5 pages. Double spaced and include a discussion of all 5 components. Please include references and links to all your material so that your group can access the information for the field notes planning and secret shopping visit.

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