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Instruction: For all of the questions: a) Write you full name on the first page of your homework assignment. b) Answer of the question fully in your own words, do not plagiarize from existing sources. c) Do not give answers that are off subject. d) Must be typed e) Turn in the complete assignment on Livetext. 1. Recently, there has been an interest in using liquid biofuel (such as ethanol) to replace gasoline for motor vehicles. Liquid biofuels are typically obtained from fast-growing plants such as corn, sugar cane, and grass. a) What type of resources is liquid biofuel? Explain. b) Do you think by switching to liquid biofuel, it will help us to live more sustainably? c) Suggest an alternative energy resource (to gasoline and liquid biofuel) that would be ideal for a sustainable life. 2. For each of the following actions, state one or more of the three scientific principles of sustainability that are involved. Give a brief explanation. a) Walking or bicycling to class instead of driving. b) Take your own reusable bags to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags c) Lobby elected official to require that 20% of your city’s electricity be produced by wind power by 2030. 3. Determine your ecological footprint by using a Footprint Calculator found online at http://footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/. a) What is your ecological footprint? Are you surprised to have learned about this fact? b) Suggest three initiatives that you could implement to reduce your ecological footprint. Provide a brief explanation. 4. Ozone depletion and global climate change are two separate global environmental issues, but yet are often misunderstood as the same issue. Compare, side-by-side i) the cause, ii) the evidence, iii) scientific data that supports the evidence and iv) effects on humans and environment of ozone depletion and global climate change. 5. Answer the following questions: a) What is the chemical equation for the production of ozone in the stratosphere. b) How the nature keeps the ozone level in balance. c) How the introduction of CFCs compounds disrupt the balance of ozone level. 6. Explain why sea creatures such as coral are at risk when the atmospheric CO2 level rises. 7. Classify the following solutions for global climate change as mitigation or adaption. a) Stop cutting down tropical forests and plant trees b) Shift from carbon-based fossil fuels to a mix of low-carbon renewable energy resources based on local and regional availability c) Plant a different crop that is more resistant to warmer climate


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