holistic health 58

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List at least three questions that should be asked to guide the decision to use a complementary therapy.

Identify an ethical principle that might influence a nurse to counsel a client against using a specific CAM. 10 points


Identify one step in the decision-making model you might use to help your client decide about using CAM. Provide a rationale for your choice.

10 points


Identify and describe briefly how assessment of health status affect optimism holistic health. Include the health profile and human basic needs.Add a professional resource to support your answer.

10 points


Provide insight in the rationale for having and or not having state and or federal regulation for CAM.

10 points



Give an example of a pharmacologic and biologic treatment.

10 points


Identify 1 culture and their use of specific alternative interventions.How would you assist a client to incorporate this practice into their care/treatment plan.Add a professional resource to support your answer

10 points


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