HN 502 CU Multiculturalism & Diversity in Human Services Discussion Response

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When responding to posts of other learners, please ensure that those responses are substantive. Add to the discussion, offer examples, rather than posting an “I agree” statement. Tell why you agree. Augment your thinking to the critical level. Ask any questions that will help you better understand each post. Make suggestions that will provide food for thought.

Student paper down below:

There are four Behavioral Style Characteristics, and they are the Analyzer, the stabilizer, the persuader and the controller. All these characteristics can be used to to be an effective leader. Harley-McClaskey (2015) states that it is important to know yourself and once you understand your own behavior style you will be able succeed in attaining your aim which is being an effective leader.

The Analyzer is an individual who will in general be keen on being efficient, sorting out things, being careful, being precise, being organized and they focus on detail (Harley-McClaskey, 2015).

The Stabilizers are trustworthy, dependable and persevering, they trust authority and need to have a place. They look for responsibility and necessities time to process before deciding. They get a kick out of the chance to stay away from individual encounters. They need nitty gritty clarifications. They require exactness and precision and they search for long haul advantages and solidness and they need to save and ensure (Harley-McClaskey, 2015).

The Persuader will in general react rapidly or on motivation. They like motivating forces and will face challenges for them. They need individual consideration and needs to establish a decent connection. They react to proposals of notable individuals and they tend to not check subtleties (Harley-McClaskey, 2015)

The Controllers will in general be conclusive. They Like choices and knowing the consequences of each. They need concise, documented proof of your competency, capabilities and reputation. They react to things that get results. They don’t listen well to things not legitimately identified with the current issue. They have to have control (Harley-McClaskey, 2015).

I see myself as being the stabilizer and I want peace. I also share some of the other characteristics of the other behavioral styles as well. Knowing this will help me to be an effective leader because I know myself and knowing myself will help me to learn others. Harley-McClaskey (2015) states that getting knowledgeable in perceiving your style inclinations just as the attributes of different styles is fundamental in your excursion to self-disclosure.

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