History of the Russian Revolution

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What is the name of the first Bolshevik government created in October 1917?

Name TWO non-Russian Slavik republics that became Union republics in the west of the USSR upon it’s creation?

Name the white army that that formed south of Russia quickly after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Name the ecclesiastic position or title in disuse since 1721 that the Orthodox Restored in 1917-18 and appointing Tikhon to that role.

Name TWO parts of the old Russian Empire that became independent states after 1917 and were not reconquered by the Bolsheviks as a part of the civil war?

Name the independent country with which the Central Powers signed a separate treaty at Brest Litovsk in February 1918 to chagrin the of the Bolsheviks.

Name two ethnic groups residing in the western part of russia in the early 20th century.


Prominent Bolshevik who opposed Lenin’s call for an armed insurrection in his October 2017 newspaper article.

The resolutely anti-socialist commander of White Forces in Russia’s South who proved unable to coordinate with Kolchak further East.

Leader of the Kadet party who served in the Provisional Government until he resigned over Russia’s war aims in WWI.


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