History of Social media response

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I have used Facebook, Pinterest, briefly Snapchat, Youtube, Vine (RIP), and Instagram. I currently use Instagram and Youtube almost exclusively, but occasionally I do use Pinterest if I need some creative inspiration or want an easy distraction. I use Instagram for connecting with friends and family, and since Reels were introduced it also keeps me entertained as well. Some accounts that I follow are also educational, and although you shouldn’t trust all people on social media, there is also some very good content creators that are accredited and reliable sources of information, you just have to do your due diligence on them. Youtube is purely entertainment, and sometimes for educational reasons. Youtube does have a nostalgia factor to it because some content creators have been there for years and have garnered a loyal audience that wants to see what they upload next. It’s a good way to keep people entertained for longer lengths of time (i.e. and average of 5-10 minutes a video) instead of a quick TikTok or otherwise.


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