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Department standards require that your initial post be at least 250 words long each week. You must respond to at least three of your classmates’ initial posts (threads under your own post are not eligible for credit). Each of your peer responses must be at least 125 words long. Short posts will not be eligible for full credit. Your initial posts are due by 11:55 pm ET on Thursday night. Your peer responses are due by 11:55 pm ET on Sunday night. Late work will be graded in accordance with department policy, as follows:

  • Work posted or submitted after the assignment due date will be reduced by 10% of the potential total score possible for each day late up to a total of five days, including forum posts/replies, quizzes, and assignments. Beginning on the sixth day late through the end of the course, late work, including forum posts/replies, quizzes, and assignments, will be accepted with a grade reduction of 50% of the potential total score earned.

Please choose one of the following questions to answer in your initial post. When responding to your classmates, you must respond to at least one person who chose a different question than you did. If all of your posts address the same question, you will not receive credit for one of your peer responses.

1. On the surface, the Protestant Reformation was a specifically religious event. As with most things, however, it was not truly this simple. Philosophy, economics, and politics also played a role in sparking this crucial point in the history of Christianity. Which of the aspects other than religion itself was the biggest catalyst for the Protestant Reformation? Why?

2. People rarely make decisions based on one single factor. The section of the textbook dedicated to the Age of Exploration is, in fact, titled “God, Greed, and Glory” (189). The argument that the explorers undertook exceedingly dangerous journeys for the purpose of spreading Christianity has always been a common one. Given the actions of the explorers, however, it does not seem to be an entirely convincing one. Focus your post on a single, specific explorer. What motivated him to undertake his travels? Which aspect of the textbook’s header does he most fit with? Why?

3. Some historians call the period of the travels of Europeans to the so-called “New World” the Age of Exploration, while others choose the phrase Age of Discovery. Which do you find more appropriate? Why? Be sure to include specific examples and details to support your decision.

4. The textbook dedicates a great deal of space to discussing the Columbian exchange. To what extent was this process truly an “exchange?” Is this terminology objective? Why or why not?


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