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Written Assignment: Hinduism

After reading Chapter 3 in your textbook- “Hinduism” and reviewing the additional resources located in the unit write a two page paper on what you find most interesting concerning this faith. What aspects of the nine beliefs of Hinduism can you accept or embrace?  What elements do you find unacceptable and why? I provided a nine beliefs below for your review. Describe three geographical features of India that relate to Hindu devotional practice and explain the connection then explain the different theories that account for the emergence of the Vedic period. Include evidence scholars have used to substantiate their views or challenge the other theories. Which is most plausible to you and why? Of course you will want to use your textbook for this assignment but also use supplemental resources from the internet or Library to assist you in the completion of this assignment. Remember when using sources make sure that you cite them appropriately in-text and in your reference or work cited page. This paper should be  three pages in length. 


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