Your team members will fill these positions: technology lead, marketing lead, product lead,…

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Your team members will fill these positions: technology lead, marketing lead, product lead, channel lead. Each member must contribute to the satisfaction of the group to receive the group grade. There is a group contract and group evaluation in this document that you should discuss, change, sign and submit on Cloud Deakin. Please post the contract as a message in your group discussion space by week 3 of trimester. The contents of this agreement will be used to mediate and decide on courses of action when group conflict escalates. For maximum productivity, I suggest approaching the assignment as: • Research – who is target? Where to find them? How to access them/communicate with them? What is important to them? How large is the target segment? • Describe target segment and relationships you will build with them? What is valuable and will make them come back to your startup? • Web strategy or functionalities that will enable the relationships to be built. • Related creative, media, integrated marketing, • domain development, naming, • Retail viability calculations. This assignment seeks to simulate the thinking behind reimagining retailing as a service offering. Use the retail theories presented in this course to help you think. To do well, these theories and frameworks should be demonstrated in your assignment. You may conduct brief surveys or use class-discussion time to perform research – talk to your friends, family and classmates who have recently tried to enrol in university or other formalised learning courses. Also, it helps to do some shopping online for the product – agents that help students sign-up for degree study. You may also use introspection as some of you have recently used agents’ services to enrol at Deakin University. To keep this real, you will have a budget of AUD 140,000 +25% (4 partners each coming up with some cash upfront). This will be total startup costs, you have no more to invest. This money is to last you for 12 months and you will have to provide projected a return on this investment that is based on your proposed activities. Give us your calculations as an appendix and put a list of strategic items (e.g., an account/spreadsheet/financial table) that a business owner can easily understand. i.e., I will do A media to get to result B increase in sales – $3000. A will cost Y dollars – $1000. After we spend Y dollars, we should increase sales by X amount – 160 units. This will give us Z profit/market share/growth – $4000 in total sales minus $1000 additional costs of A, gives $3000 result for B. So By doing A and spending Y, you will get result B. Note that every strategic “vector/initiative” has to be costed and have a return – this will help you to check whether your strategy is achievable. There is no stock. You are selling degree applications. Each student you manage to recruit earns you a commission that is 10% of the student’s first year’s school fees. You will have to bear all costs to recruit and convert the student, just like a travel agent retailer. The following sections describe the key elements that need to be considered and included in your retail strategy report.


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